Middleton at Night

We were worried. Not even a real thunderstorm, but the threat of one caused the power to go out for quite awhile. We attended the wine reception at the lodge without power (and AC.) When the large glass windows started acting like a greenhouse, we decided it was time to leave. Fortunately the power came … Continue reading Middleton at Night

Middleton Place

We got up early enough for breakfast at the Lake House on the grounds. It was a bit odd. There was no one to greet or seat us. We just wandered in and helped ourselves to a very nice full breakfast. I guess they figured that anyone who was there belonged there. After breakfast we … Continue reading Middleton Place

Middleton Inn

Laura said she really needed a weekend away before school got ramped up. Her only requirements were (1) that it had a decent outdoor pool and (2) that it be in a town where where we hardly know anyone. My suggestion of the Newberry YMCA didn’t go over very well. We went online and searched … Continue reading Middleton Inn