Music Nomenclature

I was listening to a new music show on my XM radio, and heard the terms “record” and “album” applied to an upcoming release by a new artist.  It caught me a bit by surprise.   I hadn’t heard the word “album” used to refer to a musical recording in quite some time. I don’t … Continue reading Music Nomenclature

That’s LIFE

Google has partnered with Time/LIFE to make a massive collection of images available online through the Google Image Search funtcion. The announcement was made on the Official Google Blog today. This collection includes film, negatives, and even glass plates dating back as far as 1750, which have been digitized and are now hosted by Google. … Continue reading That’s LIFE

Houndbite – YouTube for Audio

UPDATE: Houndbite is now defunct. However, there are some great alternatives in place. Try Audioboo, SoundCloud, or Chirbit for hosting files. ……… Here’s the dilemma – I’m not diligent enough about creating audio files to get into podcasting. Podcasting really requires consistency, focus, and dedication in order to keep your audience engaged. However, I do … Continue reading Houndbite – YouTube for Audio