Requiem for a Homestead

Gray Court Homestead

It’s the end of an era. Per stipulations of our parents’ will, our family home in Gray Court has been sold. A nice young couple will start their lives in a place I’ve thought of as home for 48 years. I’m not exactly sad. In fact, I’m not sure how I’m feeling. Probably more relief that the place did, in fact, sell quickly, and that there won’t be any lingering issues. We’ve spent the past weeks going through the remaining family items in the house and helping my sister Glynda get moved. As of this weekend, for the first time in nearly five decades, the Gray Court house is no longer occupied by a member of our family. I thought some reflection was in order. Continue reading “Requiem for a Homestead”

Warrior Mountain

Growing up in the little two of Gray Court, SC, there were two prominent geographical landmarks that always fascinated me.  Two small monadnocks, the Big Knob and Little Knob, dominated the landscape just three miles south of the town.  As a child I was fascinated with geology, especially volcanoes.  I imagined that these small mountains … Continue reading Warrior Mountain