Paranormal Activity

Apart from being the title of a movie I’ll probably never see, “paranormal activity” seems to be the phrase du jour right now. It’s the phrase people use when they want to tell ghost stories, but also want to sound all sciency and stuff. It ranks right up there with another currently popular phrase, “unexplained … Continue reading Paranormal Activity

More Upstate Ghosts

While at the Open Book the other evening I picked up a copy of John Boyanoski’s More Ghosts of Upstate South Carolina. I had enjoyed John’s first book immensely because it was one of the first to focus on hauntings of the Upstate area. Most of the ghost books deal either with the state at … Continue reading More Upstate Ghosts

Ghost Hunters in Town

I was driving back from work today when I spotted this vehicle… The Ghost Hunters are in town. Traffic was heavy, stop-n-go, and I had just pulled up to a light. I grabbed my camera and took a picture. As soon as I did, the folks in the black SUV right behind started laughing. They … Continue reading Ghost Hunters in Town