Saint Rum

When I saw the campaign sign above my first thought was, who is Saint Rum and why is he/she running for president? With a name like that, this might be someone I could really support! Seriously, though, this points out the problem with typography. These candidates, regardless of party or office sought, are limited to … Continue reading Saint Rum

Election Aftermath

At 11:15 CNN called it – Barak Obama would become the 44th President of the United States. I really hated not being with someone to share this historic election night. I had CNN on in my hotel room, and had hourly conversations with Laura, who was watching the same returns projected onto the wall with … Continue reading Election Aftermath

Voting 2008

I did my civic duty this morning. I voted. Since I didn’t have to work today lines weren’t going to be a problem, so it was actually fun. I had planned this romantic notion of walking to our polling place, perhaps with a few or our neighbors. The air was brisk, and the weather perfect. … Continue reading Voting 2008