Loss of a Landmark

Someone who reads this website recently sent me a message via Facebook that was a bit disheartening. It seems that the South Carolina Forestry Commission is selling several of its lookout towers to the highest bidder.  These include the Kelly Tower in Union County, the Silverton Tower near Jackson, SC, the Edgefield Tower, the Riverside … Continue reading Loss of a Landmark

Middle Tyger Connected


Yesterday we got word that Groce Rd, next to our office, would be closed while a new pedestrian bridge was being moved into place across the Middle Tyger River. Later in the afternoon things had slowed down enough that I decided to wander down and see what was going on. I got there just as the bridge was being lifted into place, and decided to stay and watch it happen.

The new pedestrian bridge is part of a grant-funded project called “Middle Tyger Connected.” Funding has been provided by the Mary Black Foundation, with additional funding from the Middle Tyger Chamber of Commerce and District Five Schools of Spartanburg. The project will connect the town of Lyman with the district’s S.C.A.L.E outdoor classroom and the new Stoneledge Park in Duncan. Continue reading “Middle Tyger Connected”

Duncan Family Restaurant

Duncan Cafeteria

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a restaurant review. We’ve been eating at home most of the time, and when we do go out, it tends to be to our regular spots. So finding new places lately has been rare. To make up for my slackness, I’m going to do two back-to-back restaurant posts. This first one is my latest visit to the Duncan Family Restaurant in Duncan, SC. Despite previous very, very bad experiences in this location as another restaurant, Duncan Family Restaurant has turned out to be a delightful surprise. Continue reading “Duncan Family Restaurant”