Rough Week in Lake Wobegon

One thought on “Rough Week in Lake Wobegon”

  1. Tom
    I feel for you. For past 10 years been working in IT in a department at a mid-sized (no names as people are being RIFed and I don’t want to give them any excuse), state supported and forlorn university. When I started Gateway was vendor of choice, then they screwed up big time (have forgotten the details) so I went to Dell. For awhile Dell was great. Wonderful relations in both sales and support. Then they went down into the pit along with Gateway. It didn’t matter though as there was no money to buy new computers. Last summer some money showed up via a federal education grant. This time decided to try HP. Finally received delivery of the new HPs for my small computer lab in time for summer classes. A few weeks later a hard drive failed. Ran the bios tests. Yep hard drive failure. Called HP and next day had a replacement drive. Good service, I am pleased for now. Worried about having a drive failure so soon out of the box. After my problems with Dell have decided that the vendor does not really matter, it is all crap along with poor service.

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