Return to Long Branch

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  1. Interesting post. The ending when you talk about Presbyterian made me laugh. We go to a Methodist church and whenever I tell that to one of my Baptist friends, I get looks as if I had just contracted a disease.

    1. To be fair, he said it in jest, or at least tried to. However, there was the hesitation and quick glance of the eyes that meant there was a grain of doubt.

  2. Pew Bibles! Those are for backsliders! And I grew up in the Episcopal church! (I usually choose a different Bible from the shelf each Sunday morning. Which one will keep me the most entertained during slow parts in the sermon? Oooh… this one has footnotes in Greek and Hebrew!)

    And, for the record, my church has no pew Bibles. It does have hymnals, but they’re just props now that we have Powerpoint (R) for all the music.

    Are Holmes College of the Bible, N. J. Holmes, and Jeff Holmes all the same Holmeses?

    1. N. J. Holmes founded Holmes College. I’m not sure if Jeff is part of that family but his family lives close enough to Long Branch to make me think they might be.

      FYI, Bob Donnan’s family attended Long Branch when we were there. Bob now lives on the old Donnan farm land, which straddles I-26 near Long Branch.

  3. One fear for me is that, eventually, all congregations go to PowerPoint (R) hymns, and people like me have no notes to read, and printed words that are too far away and small to read. It’s one reason I don’t visit my parents’ congregation much. 🙂

  4. Hmmm . . . the overhead projector . . . the semi-technological transition from paper to computers. . .

    Bob Donnan’s land was bisected by I-26? I wonder if his ancestors were compensated for that. It must have been terrible.

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