Remembering Merrittsville

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  1. In my search on on Ancestry shows my great,great ,grandparent’s by the name Farmers and Burrell’s lived in Merrittsville S.C lived .I typed in this name trying to find where they was from .Last year I also read about the play about Dark Corners never guessing they was connected. I want to know more .I feel my husbands family settled close ,Metcalf .Saluda or closer .Need to know more.

    1. Closely related to this topic is a book titled “Distilling the mystery of Hogback Mountain” available at the Greenville library.
      Metcalf is definitely mentioned in there.

  2. I am a METCALF living right above the greenvill watershed we’ve been there 200 years which family are you be glad to help

    1. Hi,I’m married to Roger Keith Metcalf, youngest son of John Davis Metcalf his family an mine was a part of this place an Saluda. My grandparents was Burrells.Love to hear from you.

    2. I am the Great Granddaughter of James Andrew Broadus Middleton. I am looking for information on the original Middleton home place. I was told that the Greenville Water Shed bought Middleton property. George Washington Metcalf was married to Salena Middleton who was the daughter of James Washington Middleton. Do you have any information on the Middleton Family? My Grandmother was Sarah Francis Middleton who married Clarence Bradley.

    3. Mr. Metcalf… Do you have any photos of the area covered by the North Saluda Reservoir? I am looking for a picture of Wildwood Lodge, but am interested in any photos of that area. My parents grew up around Merrittsville in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Mom was a Guest and Dad was a West. His dad built the existing North Fork Baptist Church and her dad was treasurer for several years. Mary West Owens

    4. Hi James Metcalf. I am looking for the grave of Horatio Forrester who is listed on the 1860 census (and earlier) as living in the Merritsville Post Office area. Does this last name ring a bell?
      Jason F

  3. Hello – I just stumble upon your website.
    As I was working on my genealogy I noticed that Sarah Merritt
    Lived in Merrittsville, SC born about 1780.
    Looking forward to wandering around your site to see if she is apart of the city name.

    Nancy Kimzey Anderson

    1. Nancy… Sarah Merritt was my great grandmother 6 times removed. She was the daughter of Benjamin Merritt, for which the town was named.

      1. Hello, Mary, I am interested in your Merritts and the town. My grandmother b 1895 in Union County, NC was a Haywood but recent dna evidence, both y-dna and autosomal dna indicate that our most distant Haywood ancestor b 1790 may have changed his name from Merritt in the early 1800’s and we match Merritts from Capt Robert Merritt’s line and Merritts from Sampson County, NC and Pensacola, FL. Are you into the Merritt genealogy in your neck of the woods? There is a Benjamin Merritt going back to Florida over 200 years ago searching for his brother Clemson Hall. There are Halls and Buchanans who also match Merritts around the country. Would love to know more about your Merritts and any possible connections. Thanks,

  4. Mr. Tom.
    In your readings and research have you come across the Wildwood Park. Every map that I have seen the even shows the Park, show it down under North Saluda Reservoir. But in one article, seems it is was up on the west side of Hogback Mtn. below the WSPA tower. It also mentions the “Winds” section of the trail also above Wildwood Park. I know of a resort up on the Hogback location, but never got a name for it or the exact location. Is that the Wildwood Park? Thank you sir. Hope you are all doing well.

    Tripp Clement

    1. Tripp, I did come across the name, but there wasn’t that much information about the park. I’ll have to see if I can find those notes.

    2. The resort at the summit of Hogback was called Blue Ridge Forest. It went bankrupt in the Great Depression. There are only a few traces of it left.

  5. From what I’ve read, Wildwood Park was a resort for the Woodside Mill employees in the 1920’s. I’m sure that the swimming pool outline is is there and could even swear that I saw video of the it on PBS years ago.

  6. On the 1930’s USGS quad map, Wildwood is shown with many buildings around the switchbacks on the Old State Road north of Merrittsville and west of Big Falls. This area is in the watershed, but not under the lake. I’ve also read there were stone retaining walls constructed on these switchbacks or “winds” of the old road, by the masons of Poinsett Bridge, North Saluda Bridge, and the third bridge (I believe at Hodges Creek).

  7. Tom: Benjamin Merritt was my 6th great grandfather. I would like to know if you ever located any of the photos shown in the film and is the film still housed in a library locally? Thank you.

  8. My name is Terry Nelson. My family had a summer cabin at Carolina Lake Colony, near Wildwood Park (both now underwater of the reservoir).
    I have a Defense Mapping Agency relief map (24″ X 36″)which shows the
    Wildwood Park. The map is sold by Mast General Stores and along the
    Blue Ridge Parkway. I would dearly love any old photos of the lodge and the rock pool with the fountain in the center. I remember swimming in it and how cold the water was. Also the lodge square dances. Or any other information about what was there before the
    reservoir. I remember the mill and the Log Cabin Restaurant too!

  9. My ancestors were the Bryant’s who lived in the area since the early 1800’s. Does anyone have any information on Bryant mountain? I know it’s on the water works property and I assume my ancestors lived on the mountain at some point. Thanks

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