Remembering 9/11

One thought on “Remembering 9/11”

  1. I was a student in middle school went the Challenger accident occurred, and in the midst of that tragedy, my teacher used this as an ultimate “teachable moment” – helping us to understand what had just happened before our eyes.

    On 9/11/01, I was a teacher in middle school computer lab when my phone rang from our Civil Air Patrol HQ asking did I know what was happening. I immediately turned to the Internet for information, and within 10 minutes of that call, was on my way to the state emergency operations center.

    As I arrived, over 100 hundred people were setting in near silence, watching the displays in the front of the room. There was little movement as all we could really do was watch, hope, and pray.

    Looking back, my more noble duty may have been in that classroom with my students in their ultimate “teachable moment” – helping them to make sense of the consequences of that most tragic day.

    In either case, the events of 9/11 only increased my commitment to God, Country, family, and community. My prayer is that our remembrance of this day lead us to unity in the face of extremism and courage within the shadow of uncertainty.

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