Problematic Panorama

3 thoughts on “Problematic Panorama”

  1. Hey Tom, most Canon cameras have a Photo stitch setting that helps with this kind of thing. In that mode you can take your first shot, then when you take the second, you can see part of that shot on the flip screen so you can line up the second with the first. Looks like you were shooting with the Nikon D50. I’m not sure if Nikons have this function but it’d be worth checking out. It’d save you a lot of time.

    Great photo though. It was worth your effort.

  2. Eric – My D50 doesn’t have the panorama assist, but my little Nikon S50 does, as does the S1 I had before that. The overlay suffers from the same problem – at wide angle there is perspective distortion at the edges. At least on the Nikons, the panorama assist mode only helps you line up the shots, but doesn’t really fix the overlap problems.

  3. I had this problem the once or twice I have tried. You went through a lot more work than I did to fix it. (I never fixed it).

    My solution was what you suggested…overlap more.

    Your result is an outstanding shot, by the way.

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