Pickens Flea Market

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  1. hi,looking for some info,used to come to pickens flea market off and on for over 20 years,i am an old stuff/antiques collectibles dealer from just outside of buffalo ny,gas prices are coming down,and so am i,i do the metro antiques show in charlotte starting 1st weekend of march,then wed here at pickens,heard it is now wed,sat sun.when i used to set up outside,i came from easley direction,and i would turn left into 2nd driveway across from sore on right,but i am not sure if the antique dealers set up here or where as there are 2 different owners,could you help me,do i still go in the 2nd driveway,and where do i go to set up with the antiques dealers?do i go way down to the right toward the trees/please let me know/thanks/ron k

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