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  1. Tom,

    You seem to thrive on bashing ghosthunting-have you ever done any yourself–or had a paranormal experience?! Perhaps you should get involved with some legitimate local paranormal groups and go on a few investigations with them.
    However I do agree that TV seems to be overdoing it a bit with all the paranormal shows of late–and some just might be giving the field a bad name but there are many groups out there who don’t have or want celebrity status and are doing a great job in supporting folks who think they might have something paranormal going on–and all free of charge might I add.

    So Tom if you could please refrain from attacking the entire paranormal field by comparing all of us of to a few misdirected TV shows supported by a huge following of ‘paranormal groupies it would be appreciated. Establishing a legitimate scientific field has to start someplace and I think we’re making some inroads.

    1. Joe,

      I bash this foolishness of shows like this that make people think that just because you’re using some flashy technology you’re doing “science.” I’m all for people trying to do legitimate research in the field, but that’s not what these shows convey. Unfortunately, it seems to me that many of the local groups that do said “research” are just mimicking what they see on TV. At least, that’s what I see from their websites.

      I think they are going about it partially correct. The only thing you can submit as evidence is what can be replicated – ie, it was actually photographed, or you have an audio or video recording. If they just stuck to that it would be OK. However, DON’T go making leaps of logic like, “Oh, this area has lots of quartz, limestone (fill in your choice of mineral) so there must be lots of ghost activity.” There’s no experimental proof.

      For that matter, there’s no experimental proof that ghosts need energy to manifest, so things like EMF detectors, K2 meters, etc., are totally bogus. Heck, there’s no concrete proof that ghosts even exist, much less that they need energy upon which to manifest.

  2. They should make a movie about the Old Alton Bridge. This is a little bit of the legends of the Goatman’s bridge.

    There have been several disappearances on and around Old Alton Bridge. Most notably, one that occurred November 15th 1967. The Denton newspaper at the time did an article on a mustang found abandoned on the bridge and there were lots of people that reported other missing persons linked to the Goatman’s bridge and the Goat man.

    The story is that Klansmen raided the house of the Goatman, Oscar Washburn, and killed his family after attempting to lynch him over the side. The legend says that he disappeared over the side and now attacks anyone who crosses the bridge at night in an effort to protect his family.

    You can see a video on this story at Paranormal real

  3. LOL, it’s funny how some people get all in a huff because you call out their favorite TV’s not a documentary people, ha, ha, ha! I am in a paranormal group, & I stand behind your statement Tom. It’s true. I know it wouldn’t make for “good” TV if every ‘haunted house’ was debunked. Or they could make THAT the premise of the show… debunking the haunted houses! It has been my experience so far… that many of the people claiming that their houses are haunted are in fact haunted themselves. In one way or another, there may be a recent death in a family and they are having problems coming to terms dealing w/it…I once visited a home in which there was a freaking memorial WALL where letters, photos, momentos of departed ones were hung for display, no wonder their kids didn’t want to stay there anymore…they had weird ju-ju bags hanging from the thresholds of the doors..this was a haunted family…but not haunted by ghosts, they let their experiences and grief haunt them. They claimed to be Christians, yet had every mainstream religion represented in some way all over the house, plus in browsing their dvd collection, it contained ALL horror movies, the medicine cabinet contained all kinds of meds, for a wide variety of ailments, many of which the side effects included hallucinations. I believe in ghosts, I believe in hauntings, I have seen and heard, and felt, been touched, etc. but the majority of people who call a group into their home, I’m sad to say are the haunted…not the home itself. That is just MY opinion…I hope that Joseph doesn’t “attack” me for it as well, LOL

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