New Camera – Fujifilm Z33WP

6 thoughts on “New Camera – Fujifilm Z33WP”

  1. Cool. I’m thinking about getting a pocket camera when i am more sure of my income. This Fuji sounds good. I wonder about the blue halos that show up on so many pix where the sky washes out. I get that a lot with my Cannon Powershot under certain lighting conditions. I think some blues are simply tough for certain digital sensors, as I’ve had issues with certain flower colors.

    I hope this works well for the Congaree trip.

    1. Under actual conditions the camera didn’t perform quite as well as I had hoped. I got lots of blue halos, and lots of digital noise in low light under the cypress canopy. However, as a fairly inexpensive waterproof camera, it did OK. I’ll just have to remember to keep one of my other cameras handy in a dry bag for really good shots.

  2. Yeah, sorry to hear that. You know, those little Nikons you have been using seem hard to beat for the walkabout photography – aside from the obvious issue of waterproof needs. I’m a bit surprised, I suppose, that more of the point and shots aren’t built as waterproof or at least resistant cameras. After all, folks are out in rain a lot. Or at the beach.

    1. I don’t know about the 550 Olympus, but the battery life has been comparable to the little point-n-shoot Nikons that I carry around. I tend not to use the flash very much, and that greatly extends the battery life.

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