My God, That’s Pink!

2 thoughts on “My God, That’s Pink!”

  1. If you think the Cosmo tests the bounds of your manhood…prep the beers and make sure there is a football game on somewhere in the world…I’ve got a martini concoction Laura will love and don’t tell anyone..but you will too. It’s called a french kiss and yes it’s PINK! I discovered this at the NCETC trade show while entertaining the Gaston County, NC crew…technology guru’s like to drink too:

    Stoli Vanilla 1.0 oz
    Chambord .75 oz
    Champagne .75 oz
    Pineapple Juice .75 oz

    Serve chilled with no fruit. You can play with the mixture to suit.

    It’s saturday, so if you don’t have time today…save for another saturday!

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