Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th

9 thoughts on “Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th”

    1. I am enjoying your adventures and would love to join you sometime! I was in school with your brother Houston. I post nature and historical pics on FB. My wife found your blog and put me onto it. Keep up the good work.

      1. James, I think I’ve seen some of your posts on Facebook. When I get back to South Carolina we’ll have to schedule a trip around Laurens County. I’m sure Houston would join us.

  1. Tom….Another interesting posting from you. Pertaining to the Cross post office, it is now a modern building located on the east side of highway 6. There is a free-standing metal state historical sign (Marker ID SCHM 8-26) in front of it that reads “This post office, originally named Cross Mill, was established in 1879. Adam Cross, a local storekeeper and Civil War veteran, was first postmaster.” – on both sides. From that, I would assume that the old post office building was earlier located on this same site, but was torn down (or burned) and replaced with the newer building. The sign was erected by the Berkeley County Historic Preservation Commission in 1992, but the new building has been there since at least 1994.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures so much. My mamas family was from Lownesville, lots of history there. Harpers, Werts, Schumperts, there is an old church, can’t think of the name but you would love it. Provide email addy and I will send you info. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. Tom, I’m looking at your photos and text with interest. Thank you for doing this. I know that I’m writing this a few years late, but no matter. Are you reading this? I wonder. I live in northeast Florida and have been thinking of a bicycle trip along the routes that you’ve taken. Route 81, is it? Starr, Iva, Lowndesville, Calhoun Falls. Basically I’d like to follow the Savannah River. Looks like a fascinating area. I haven’t looked at your other posts yet, but will now.

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