Modoc Cemetery Ramble – Part 1, Bethia to Upper Long Cane

3 thoughts on “Modoc Cemetery Ramble – Part 1, Bethia to Upper Long Cane”

  1. Good morning Tom, just have a moment to speak. I have just been introduced to you & your photography through our friends at SCIWAY. I have enjoyed your work and look forward to following you in SCIWAY and Random Connections. From what I have seen, we like some the same South Carolina historical attributes. Our difference is I’m not getting in a kayak, if I can’t see it from the two lane blacktop, I’ll depend on you showing it to me. I can understand why you enjoyed your visit to Bethia, sometimes the sites not on your list are the most interesting to find. I stumbled upon Bethia a few week ago. As soon as I saw it I knew that I needed to share it with Tara & SCIWAY. Got to run, we’ll talk later.

  2. Easter Sunrise Service will be at 7:00 with breakfast following. I am sure that the congregation at Lower Long Cane ARP would welcome you to both. A friend of mine, Mike Horne, is the pastor there now; he lives in Greenwood.

  3. Hi Tom! I may have told you but this is the church where Cris and I were married and where I was ordained and preached! You will not find better or more honest people than the congregation that calls this home. A special place.

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