Many Thanks

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  1. What Ken said. Also, it was a lovely service. I appreciate what Stephen said; he struck a nice balance between family tales and life as ministry. It wasn’t until I stepped outside that I realized how long the service had been. I enjoyed watching your family in the fellowship hall before and in the narthex after–the relaxed and casual talking and messing around that only families can do. I’m proud to know you and your kin.

  2. dear tom:

    we have never met, but i was a close friend of bruce’s and am just finding out tonight about his passing in the most unconventional of ways. i just spoke to him over a month ago, and had been calling, leaving texts and messages with no reply. and began to get very concerned. if you have any info or details about his death, the services, etc, i would greatly appreciate it.

    god bless,
    emilio g. robles

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