Mahler in Brevard

3 thoughts on “Mahler in Brevard”

  1. Something that strikes me about this symphony is the split in styles and moods between a “traditional 19th Century feel” and the primordial, elemental cataclysmic content of much of the work. The fist movement is largely this elemental stuff, the second and third seem traditional, the 4th is a little of both (but more elemental), but the fifth is purely those elemental forces.

    I too heard lots of things that I’ve never heard on a recording. I do notice, though, that using the iPod and earbuds is showing me subtleties of some music that I was not hearing on a traditional stereo.

    What an afternoon!

  2. I tried to get some audio during the rehearsal, but where I was sitting it all sounded like trombone. During the actual performance, about all I could do was sneak a shot without drawing attention. I was sitting on the front row right next to Ken.

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