In Search of Edward C. Jones – Part 1, The Architect

2 thoughts on “In Search of Edward C. Jones – Part 1, The Architect”

  1. Tom I enjoyed quickly reviewing your two pages on Edward C Jones. I’ll certainly go back & study these more. I also am a fan of Jones & many other early architects in SC (I put blinders on with other states, I haven’t seen everything in SC yet). I looked quickly at my inventory or SC churches and see 5 Jones churches. When you visited Holy Cross, you were about 14 miles from another one, St. Mark’s Episcopal, just off of Hwy 261. If you’d like to communicate more about these, feel free to contact me.

    1. Thanks, Bill! When I took those photos of Holy Cross I was unaware of Jones, otherwise I might have run out to St. Mark. A Columbia friend and I are planning another excursion to catch Holy Cross, St. Mark, and Kensington Plantation sometime soon.

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