I Am Fat

5 thoughts on “I Am Fat”

  1. Man, that’s one of those stories that I can say, “that’s me too!” Really honest and insightful. Thanks!

  2. I did Weight watchers about 18 months ago and dropped 30 lbs. I kept most of it off, but I was not doing the exercise thing. Slowly it crept back. SO I got back on it, began going to the gym, and droped back to my new normal Weight Watchers gave me, this time with the added bonus of regular exercise. But I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with Weight Watchers. Points can’t be calculated for everything. A friend told me to check out MyFitnessPal (website and app.) It is free and calculates way more than weight watchers. When I saw my doggone sodium intake off the charts, I dropped all soda in April. It’s free and gives a better health profile overall. I need to take the plunge and begin doing measurements other than the scale in the bathroom. But I do like the app and how easy it is to track not only what I eat and drink, but also my exercise. It’s very motivating to have additional calories just from a spin class! My husband has also been on this journey with me. He began at 230, and he’s today 194. He had a large protruding belly that is almost GONE, and I don’t doubt that by summer’s end it will be gone. I dropped a size or two, but Im still frustrated. Middle aged+ women just do not lose like men. Anyway, good luck, and take a look at MyFitness Pal. It’s free, and I quite WW after two weeks of tracking both. (Sorry to sound like spam on this. Geesh!)

  3. Great, revealing blog Tom and I’m right here with you! Those couple of years with family deaths, then sickness, etc….I’ve crept steadily upwards – 25 pounds! That, plus what I needed to loose anyway – well, it’s time…….

  4. Hey Tom, I’d also like to recommend the ValueDiary app. Tracks just like Weight Watcher Points, but is only a one time charge of about $5.99. Much better than a monthly fee for essentially the same product (my Ellenberg side coming out!)

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