Housekeeping and Catching Up

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  1. Tom,

    I’m leaving a comment about the new changes in the WordPress editor. I still need to read the rest of the post. You can use keyboard shortcuts as you did before and one extra shortcut to speed up writing in the editor. I type / without clicking on anything to embed a link or photo, to add a heading, blockquote, or image. The forward slash lets you access the quick access menu. I use the Enter/Return (it’s either one or two returns) paragraph to create a new paragraph or line for another block. Then I type /image for embedding or uploading an image. /embed /blockquote /head and more and the arrow keys to go through the list of options, then return to select it then the mouse goes to work. It’s also possible to write all your text in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or WordPress and then insert the media last.

    1. Thanks, Daniel. I’ll give that a shot. I think my biggest problem is that I’m letting myself get overwhelmed with posts that are too long. It’s as much a problem with my writing style as with the technology. 🙂

      1. Tom,

        I enjoy reading your long posts with pictures and videos. If making them too long is overwhelming, how about writing short ones and string them together as a series using a custom tag (use series name). Then you can create the series links at the bottom of the first post in numbered list and on all other posts related, place one link at top of the post with short blurb that says this post is part of the ___ series followed by the separator. You can also keep it simple by using the archive link of the custom tag page.

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