Help Save Funding for SCETV!

2 thoughts on “Help Save Funding for SCETV!”

  1. Not funding SCETV and radio would be a slap in the face of every citizen of South Carolina….The programs have been the envy of most US cities and we have been a leader and pioneer in educational TV and classic radio. Let’s NOT contribute to the dumbing of our citizens —— help them appreciate the arts and better thing in life. Education is not free and should not take a back seat to the waste in this state. Cut out some of the perks affored to our elected officials —- there will be plenty left for these programs and education.

  2. To end funding for SCETV and radio would deprive rural residents of classical music, opera, broadcasts from the Spoleto Festival, selections from the Southeastern Piano Festival, and other musical pleasures, high culture not available anywhere else for free. We hunger for entertainment with substance. Excellent arguments have been made for keeping the television programs that delight and instruct in craft, art, history, science, nature, and many more. Nowhere else can we find such depth and breadth than on our nationally known SCETV and Radio. And lest we forget, only intelligently educated citizens can direct their political futures.


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