Greenville, NORTH Carolina

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  1. 1. I can’t decide which is more amazing, the driver or Laura’s repairman.

    2. A Greenvillian admits his city’s roads are hopelessley confusing. When I lived there I called it a “plate of spagetti.” But that’s being too kind. Who decided to call all of that pavement “Pleasantburg Drive?” Try telling someone how to drive from 385 to Furman on Pleasantburg!

    1. The streets make perfect sense. Augusta Road goes to Augusta, Buncombe Road goes to Buncombe Country in NC, Laurens Road goes to Laurens, Pleasantburg Drive went through the community of Pleasantburg, etc.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me once when I was out walking. A van full of hispanics showed me a map of Greenville, NC and were asking how to get to a certain location. They were very disappointed to find out they had several more hours to travel. This happened right near Mills, a half block from where it turns into Church, a half mile from where the same road becomes 185. Can’t imagine why they were confused. It’s not like they were on Parkins Mill, looking for East Parkins Mill (a completely different road) which turns into Verdae and then into Roper Mountain and then turns into Blacks Dr.

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