Exploring Estatoe Creek

4 thoughts on “Exploring Estatoe Creek”

  1. I saw that photo of your well-secured GoPro when you posted it on Flickr. I got it right away, lol.
    From someone who has never kayaked (sorry), just how shallow is too shallow? That one photo above (“Getting Too Shallow”), it looks like I could put my foot in and the water might not come up to my ankle.

  2. Looks like you had a great paddle. Yesterday was a perfect day. We went down the Saluda River just north of the Dolly Cooper Park and all the way down to Piedmont. It was ok till we went under the 85 Interstate Bridge, then the current slowed right down and it was work. Not a very clean river and lots of mud. It does have some nice little rapids here and there. Just wish we could find an easy put in by the Saluda Dam.

  3. I’ve been looking at that area on Google Earth for a bit. Interesting how the stream comes out of the Eastertoe Valley and then goes through what looks like a narrow defile through some low mountains before reaching the lake. Had wondered how much water was there – if the stream was deep enough for a kayak and if there were scenic shoals/falls through there. Sounds like it really is a creek and not a river suitable for a boat.

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