Even More Echo Valley

2 thoughts on “Even More Echo Valley”

  1. Most do not know or remember this place because it is not on the damned eastside of Greenville County. A shame since most think the sun rises and sets in the backside of the eastside.

  2. During the summer I was 13 years old, I ran the 3 kiddie rides during the summer for $5 a day. I had my first crush, the son of the sheriff, Gary Strong. My grandfather had horses in the back field and you could pay to ride a horse around the horse path in the field. He also played the spoons in the saloon. I loved to ride the train and chairlift but most of all I loved to ride the horses and helped my grandfather anytime I could. It was a great summer that I will always cherish. One reason I have always felt the park lost its way was the sheriff was (I believe accidentlly) shot and killed during a poker game in River Falls, South Carolina. I have many fond memories and also some photos if anyone is interested of some of the people during that time.

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