Echo Valley Photographic Proof

2 thoughts on “Echo Valley Photographic Proof”

  1. My name is Dave Dick and I am one of the project leaders restoring locomotive 110 back to operational status for the North Carolina Railway Museum. We are always collecting any information that folks might have on the locomotive, photographs, stories or anything else that might help to put together a complete story of 110. I am interested in it’s time at the Swamp Rabbit, unfortunately I only have a few photographs, so I would be interested in hearing from you.


    1. Hi. I’m a local from Cleveland SC. I have been researching the swamp rabbit trail and the echo valley theme park lately. I have lived here the 24 years I have been alive and I recently found out about its existence. I was just curious if you guys restoring the cliff side 110 ever found more pictures of the train during its operational days. I can’t find very much about it online.

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