Dining Disasters

3 thoughts on “Dining Disasters”

  1. That’s too bad about Snapshot. It is in a great location and has every potential of being the type of restaurant that just becomes a catalyst for more great places going in around it. I have yet to go there even once…maybe I should give it a shot before they go under?

  2. Their biggest problem is that their very good, very creative head chef left them to become the head chef at Lazy Goat. They haven’t found anyone with the same level of talent to replace her.

    If you’ve been to the Lazy Goat, you may notice that some of the sauces are the same that were served at Snapshot when it first opened.

  3. I’ve eaten those too. I got six in an order, and I usually eat extremely spicy food. Two out of the six were OMG hot, the other 4 were meh. Everyone was laughing as I choked. I do agree it was a bit lazy.

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