Cultural Re-Acclimation at Pickens Flea Market

6 thoughts on “Cultural Re-Acclimation at Pickens Flea Market”

  1. Bless your heart, when you decided to immerse you go whole hog. Welcome back. One thing I have noticed, the Pacific Northwest has more rainbows, and bigger trees. But the Barbecue is better in South Carolina.

    1. Can’t argue with you on that! I haven’t gotten back to my favorite place, Henry’s, yet. I had a friend offer to get me hooked up with becoming a BBQ judge. I may have to look into that.

      1. Henry’s is good. But I am partial to Bucky’s Barbecue. Mr Wayne is one of the nicest person I have ever met. FYI, I am a Senior SC Barbecue Judge. The SCBA is a great group of people and a wonderful way to taste the very best of Barbecue. Membership cost is decent especially when you can bring home a grazing bag of leftovers.

          1. Tom,
            Check out the South Carolina Barbecue Association website. I just received a notice there is a judging for Sept. 14 & 15 in Mullins. There will be judges that you can connect with. Don Adkins was the one that introduced me to the idea of being a judge. He knows me as Ellen from Hendersonville NC. The association has twice a year day long training. I think the next one will be in Jan. 2019. I will be missing this event since my husband and I are going to England and France for a few wks. If you go to Mullins festival, I am sure Bucky’s Barbecue, along with Henry’s will be competing. There may be others such as In the Army, JT Barbecue ( my very favorite), Up in Smoke etc. The only bad thing about going to a festival, is that you feel very full and want to say oink oink all the way home.

  2. I understand the re-entry to Southern Culture…its easy to go almost anyplace and feel that you belong or fit in, but when you come back to the South it is hard! I spent spring and part of the summer in CO. When I returned back it took me a few days to even understand what people were saying to me. HOT AIN’T IT, for example. Welcome back.

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