First Spy Music, Now Spy Cameras

Is it ever ethical to take a photo of someone without their knowledge? When I was in Philadelphia, some of the best images were of the people. A large city has such diversity, and each individual has a unique story. Pointing a large Nikon at them just seems wrong, even at a distance with zoom lens. Would using a stealth camera be any better? Or perhaps its a matter of intent – photojournalism is OK (think Dorothea Lange’s images during the Depression), security surveillance is distasteful, but seems to have become a necessity in this day and age. Continue reading First Spy Music, Now Spy Cameras

I, Robot, Part II

Last night Laura and I were at the mall in a shopping frenzy when I spotted a Robosapien.  This was the first time I had seen one of these things up close and personal, and I even got to try it out with its nifty remote.  It was pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure I … Continue reading I, Robot, Part II

A Place for My Stuff

Being a gadget freak has it drawbacks, especially if you’re a male.  So now I’m carrying around a Palm Tungsten C (bulky), a cell phone (also bulky until I get a new one), sunglasses in a case, bifocals in a case, a wallet, a tape memo recorder (I don’t believe in digital) and various writing … Continue reading A Place for My Stuff