Video iPod Review

One thing Santa brought this year was a new video iPod.  Much has already been said about how cool these gizmos are, and that Apple has a way with style that can only be mimicked.  I know I’m behind the curve with my iPod experience, but here are my thoughts on this gadget… The device … Continue reading Video iPod Review

Life Drive, Part Deux

Still playing with the Palm LifeDrive, and I’ve changed a couple of opinions. It seems that there is a way to use the entire screen for Grafiti. I guess I should read the manual! That makes this a much more useful device. I also got the keyboard to work. I was skeptical, especially since it … Continue reading Life Drive, Part Deux

Palm Lifedrive

My Palm Lifedrive arrive this week. With all the craziness going on with our network, I didn’t get around to playing with it much until this weekend. The jury is still out, but right now I’m not so sure that this was such a great upgrade. Continue reading Palm Lifedrive

The Fallacy of Portability

Portability for gadgets is a myth, especially if travel involves several days. More and more gadgets have rechargeable batteries, which require recharging gear. If you’re a blogger, or compulsive about your digital images, not only do you want your laptop along, you want all the cables and connectors that allow you to upload your data. So what’s a savvy traveler to do if they want to lug along all their toys? Continue reading The Fallacy of Portability


The additional memory cards I had ordered for my new Nikon CoolPix S1 just arrived.  I already had one 256 MB Secure Digital card, and I ordered two 1 GB Multimedia Cards.  If I’m to believe the little counter on the LCD screen, at normal 5.1 megapixel resolution, I can store nearly 200 images on … Continue reading MegaMemories