Rescuing Rose

We had quite the neighborhood adventure Sunday afternoon. Our lake levels have been lowered so that we can do some annual maintenance, and Laura had spotted a new, very elaborate beaverdam just upstream from us. I had walked down to take a couple of photos when I spotted some blonde fur in the mud in … Continue reading Rescuing Rose

RIP Percy

A late night phone call or knock on the door is never a good thing. That was definitely the case this evening. Our neighbor from across the street said that he thought he had found our cat, Percy. I stepped across the road with him to find that Percy had apparently been hit by a … Continue reading RIP Percy

Christmas in Florida


There were rumors and reports of snow back in Greenville. It wasn’t exactly my definition of a “white Christmas.” To me, a white Christmas is when you wake up and everything is covered in snow. However, I wasn’t going to be picky – snow is snow, and I would have enjoyed it all the same. The simple fact was that I was going to miss it all together. It was a warm 70 degrees down here.

The day began with the Wright family tradition of wrapping everything under the sun and putting it under the tree. They love to wrap/unwrap packages. It’s fun. This year Santa brought me life vests so I could take friends kayaking and a cool remote helicopter with built in camera. Continue reading “Christmas in Florida”

Sunday in the Park with Olivia

Monday is Chip’s birthday. Appropriately enough, he was born on Labor Day 34 years ago. To celebrate, several of us met at the Overlook Grill for a Sunday lunch. However, the day really belonged to little Olivia. Chip and Anna wanted a good photo for Oliva’s upcoming first birthday. Houston and I were happy to oblige, and began a photoshoot camera war in Falls Park.

The day was absolutely spectacular, and lots of people were taking advantage of the nice weather. We found a couple of good locations and started taking pictures.

Continue reading “Sunday in the Park with Olivia”

An Evening with the Newberry Indi..Wolves

Newberry Play Action

Saturday was the opening day of the college football season. Furman didn’t have a game, so we decided to join the rest of the family to watch my two nephews play their first game with Newberry College. It was also the first time that Newberry would play as the Wolves, having had to change their mascot from the Indians because of NCAA rules.

We started the day with a visit to the parents in Prosperity, then headed up the game. My sister, Ann, had set up a tent, and we had all the fixings for a huge tailgate. Most of my siblings and their families were able to make it to the game and the tailgate

Taylor TailgateTaylor Tailgate Continue reading “An Evening with the Newberry Indi..Wolves”