Camera Dilemma

3 thoughts on “Camera Dilemma”

  1. KEH. Great value and reliability. I bought a lot from them.

    One thing that keeps me using a DSLR is manual focus. I like to use manual focus a lot. May be surprising to some, considering my eyesight, but I take good images with manual focus.

    I use a Canon Powershot for my “intermediate” camera. Good optical zoom. Not wide range (3x, I think), but has flexible controls and does a nice job. Nikon had a Coolpix series that was similar, but I didn’t like my old Coolpix quite as much. Those intermediate cameras have a slow write speed compared to the DSLR. Mom’s iPhone takes remarkable photos. I take it that the zoom is strictly electronic?

    Good luck.

  2. You’re pretty brave with your SLR. I don’t even have the nerve to take my Lumix in a canoe!

    I see that there are little lens clips for the iPhone. I wonder if they will ever develop a zoom lens attachment.

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