Bobby Lamb – End of an Era

2 thoughts on “Bobby Lamb – End of an Era”

  1. Well said!

    I have thought about whether or not Bobby is an excellent head coach. I don’t know. Furman has certain constraints it has to deal with, and the league has changed over the years. But Bobby has taught me a great deal about football, particularly that, as he says, “Nobody knows just how much goes into putting on a football game.” His point was that games and programs don’t just happen – that there is so much to a program that the fans don’t see. He explained all this once on the radio, and I was impressed. So much of what he did was excellent. I am one of those who has questions, loves the coach, thought change was probably needed, but hates that this business necessitates endings like this. IMO he’d be a great OC. As to where, who knows?

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