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4 thoughts on “Blog Rebirth”

  1. I like the look much better than the old site. Much easier for me to read, for some reason. Seems to perform really well so far as well. Might consider adding a link in the menu bar for “blog.” Yes, I know that clicking “random connections” takes you to the blog, but this would be more specific. Just my little 2c worth. 🙂 Nice work.

    I need to look into the WordPress to see what it does. Anything I’ve done online was done with Dreamweaver. I need to learn about other tools and how they fit together.

  2. Dig the new modern look! I also like being able to easily view what year the entry is from now.
    One nit I’ve noticed from this end is that while “” loads the new site, (no www) still loads the old site.

    1. Thanks, Mark. I’m aware of the “” glitch, but won’t be able to correct it just yet. The problem is that the domain is still hosted with my old web host, and hasn’t been transferred to the new host. I’ve still got a couple of things to move over, then all should be well with the world.

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