Archeology and History Resources for South Carolina

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  1. I lived on the Ranch Road just up the hill from ‘Dead Mans Curve’ until leaving home for the Marine Corps and later work. We were the closest house to the bridge during that time. It was named so because people used to take a dare and try and make the curve a 100 mph in some of the hot cars during the fifties and sixties. They would start meeting and doing some drinking at the Ranch Drive-In and by mid-night some one would take the dare and head for the ‘Curve’. As a child I remember sitting in our living room hearing a loud boom and feeling the house shake. Only once did Dad allowed us to walk down after he called the sheriff to see what had happened and we saw one person laying face down in the water and others in the destroyed car that did not make the curve with the heavy wooden rails of the bridge inbedded in the front of the car. I remember many of the these accidents at ‘Dead Mans Curve’.

    Now ‘Ghost Creek Road’ is another story that crossed the same ‘Little River’.

    1. Thanks, Gerald. I knew there had to be more hard evidence for “Dead Man’s Curve.” I hadn’t heard about the 100 mph dares before.

      I’d still to find out about Ghost Creek, though.

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