An Evening at the Fair

4 thoughts on “An Evening at the Fair”

  1. Tom, these are fantastic! I love taking photos at the fairgrounds… especially night shots.

    We no longer have an Anderson County Fair and its becoming increasingly difficult to drive from my home near the Hartwell Dam to the Upper State Fair and the like for night shots as it would put me so late getting home. (I already have a 104-mile round trip commute each day so I get tired of driving period!)

    My last effort was at a small traveling carnival in the Anderson Mall parking lot:

    Again, I loved your shots as well as your commentary on the vast array of personalities you encountered!

    1. It’s a shame that the county fairs seem to be fading into the past. I didn’t know that the Anderson County Fair was gone. I know the Greenville County Fairground is now a flea market.

      I may try to catch the Laurens County Fair when it comes along (assuming they still have it.)

  2. Good point about the fairs going away. Dad made the comment that most (PIF, for example) are more “carnivals” than real “fairs.” We used to have a pretty good one in Spartanburg when I was growing up, but that’s been a long time ago. Not sure what is happening over there anymore.

    Love the night shots. I’d love to have seen some of the old Spartanburg fair at night. Those bright lights make for fascinating shots. Thanks for putting them on the web.

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