Adventures in Customer Service

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Customer Service”

  1. Sorry about your poor service stories. I actually had an excellent experience when I purchased the Droid.

    Maybe someday you can still go back and get one. I’m loving mine everyday!

    1. I figure it was just this one salesman at Verizon. I can’t believe he didn’t want to make a sale. Everyone else has been trying to make up for the way this one dude screwed up. Oh well.

      I’m thinking I might consider the Motorola Droid sometime this summer. I may want to talk with you more about it then.

  2. Hey Tom take it to Twitter–it seems everyne who complains on Twitter gets contacted by a twitter rep for the vendor and gets great satisfaction and compensation. Surely Verizon has someone lurking in Twitter, and bc its so public, they will do anything to make it up to you. Worth a shot if you feel they have not done enough.

  3. Most times customer service and delivery are pretty good, but when it breaks down these days things can get appalling very fast.

    Wachovia made a mistake involving $21 which cost me about $350 in fees and interest along with potential damage to my credit. They offered $100 in compensation which I turned down. Anyway, for that $21 they are losing a six figure brokerage account and a checking account which probably nets them over $1K per year (they know about the possible consequences beforehand).

    Needless to say, our community bank where I am on a first name basis is happy to have me.


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