Advanced Photoshop

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  1. I understand your reaction. Considering that there seem to be multitudes of ways to do essentially the same thing in Photoshop, one could likely spend the rest of their lives learning to fully use the current version, much less the new updates that come out every year or two.

    I kind of look at it like using any other creative tool. Everybody has their own techniques, their own tools. The important thing is the output, and the creative (or productive) eye that controls it.

    I’m a bit PO’d at Adobe right now. We have maintenance licenses from a company called Compusult that give us “free” upgrades over the course of several years. Adobe apparently decided unilaterally that they were going to deep-six this. The activation codes for CS-3 don’t work. Adobe is not being helpful about this. Compusult is apparently out in the cold too. I’m hoping Clemson decides to take legal action, but that gets into big money. I HATE big corporations and monopolies!

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