A Matter of Maps

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  1. Cool!

    I wonder regarding downloads: how concerned are these entities to prevent downloads in order to protect their work? No, they didn’t create the originals. But they did process and host. I noticed that the Furman digital library seems to have restrictions on imagery download on rather old photos. I wonder if this is to protect their efforts at hosting.

    1. It’s possible. Downloading a large TIFF is going to take more bandwidth than serving up a smaller image via CONTENTdm. I’d just be happy to download a reasonably large JPG.

      The lady who does the 1895 Atlas claims copyright because she has cleaned up and altered the images somewhat. I don’t know how well that would hold up in court, though. From what I could see, the images were not substantially altered. The rest of those images are in the public domain.

  2. When I redid that site for the Geology people, we had some study sites that had thumbnail, moderate size, and higher res images. All were jpegs. The higher res topos were pretty big, but everything could be downloaded.

    The USC library images for Greenville and Spartanburg were cool. Didn’t see anything for Columbia there. The “Columbia Quadrangle” had part of the city at the SE corner, but not quite what I was looking for. Some cool detail on the Broad River, though. I can spend HOURS looking at this stuff – fascinating. I did see what may be an error, though, on some of the Greenville County images. Looks like there are 2 ferry crossings down in PK. I don’t know that this was the case at any time, though it’s possible one is supposed to be Cooley Bridge. I’ve seen what looks like two crossings on some old maps.

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