Journey to Mount Zion – Part 1


Mount Zion Institute – the old school is an imposing edifice just off of the main street of Winnsboro, South Carolina. I had visited the old school several times over the past few years, most recently a year ago on our 2015 MLK Weekend Ramble. Over the past two days I’ve been granted rare access to interior of the building and was able to photograph it extensively. I’ve also made some wonderful new friends in Winnsboro and at the Fairfield County Museum. Continue reading “Journey to Mount Zion – Part 1”

The Blizzard of 2016 (sort of)

Old Car

NOTE: I’m still catching up. All of the snow is now melted and gone, and this weekend is in stark contrast to last weekend.

I actually love snow days. There is an entire ritual of activities, soup, and pursuit of warmth that combine to make our rare winter weather a treat. Even though I no longer work for the schools and snow days have long since lost the same meaning, I still get excited when I see the first sign of flakes. This past week’s blizzard (or what passes for one in these parts) did not disappoint. Continue reading “The Blizzard of 2016 (sort of)”

Exploring LA (aka Lower Anderson)

Ebenezer Methodist Church, Anderson County

NOTE: One again I’m trying to play catch-up on blogging. This post is about a week+ behind the times.

MLK Weekend has gotten to be one of my traditional exploration weekends. One of my partners in crime is usually available either that Saturday or the following Monday. It’s a great chance to take advantage of winter exploration conditions. With leaves off the trees hidden features often reveal themselves.

This particular MLK Weekend Alan had a list of sites he wanted to explore. Even though he and I had biked part of the Palmetto Trail through Newberry County just last Saturday, I was up for more adventure. His list included locations in LA, or, as Lower Anderson, as it is known in our part of the world. Continue reading “Exploring LA (aka Lower Anderson)”

Defying Gravity

Anna has been trying to get me to go trampolining with her and Ethan. This morning I didn’t have any pressing duties or appointments, so I decided to go. We spent a fun hour with an intense workout at Gravitopia. Gravitopia is located off of Butler Road, near the dreaded part of Woodruff Road that … Continue reading Defying Gravity

Lotto Fever

B&W Lotto Ticket
Not a winning ticket nor a valid ticket

Yeah, I bought a Powerball ticket. With the jackpot reaching an unthinkable amount, why not dream a bit? After all, they say that if you don’t play you can’t win. If I can spent money on a Star Wars ticket, then this is a reasonable price for just as absurd a dream. Continue reading “Lotto Fever”

Passerelle Bistro

It’s Restaurant Week in Greenville! Participating restaurants offer several courses on a limited menu, usually at a fixed priced per person. Overall it’s much less than if you had selected the same options from the regular menu. This is an excellent opportunity to get out and try new places around town, and perhaps discover a new favorite restaurant.

Laura and I browsed through the participating restaurants, trying to decide on a place for Friday evening. Finally we settled on Passerelle Bistro and made our reservations. Continue reading “Passerelle Bistro”

A Hike along a Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge Park-41

It started with a turkey sandwich, and the need for a place to eat it. It was a weird day, in terms of exploration, but one that ultimately turned up some interesting discoveries, at least for me.

When I started out I only had two things in mind. First I wanted to get out of the house. With all of the rain and trying to put the house back together after Christmas, I wanted a bit of a break. I wanted to find an interesting place for photos. The second thing was that I was tired of eating out at lunch and wanted to save some money and calories. I’d made a lovely turkey sandwich and, despite it being rather chilly, I figured I could find an interesting place to eat it. Continue reading “A Hike along a Pleasant Ridge”

What’s in Your Car?

Overstuffed Car
Photo by Mark Bloom at Tales from the Trash

Every now and then I run across a “What’s in your bag?” post or discussion on various photography forums. I’ve seen it applied to other subjects such as fishing, or even just travel in general The question really boils down to, “What do you think are the essentials?”

It’s not an easy question to answer. You can’t really grab some checklist off of the Internet and expect it to work for you. Such a list evolves through experience, and as you add and subtract items that either gain or lose their usefulness.

My problem is that I have too many bags. I have several for photography-related gear. I’ve got two dry bags that are always packed with what I consider kayaking essentials. I also have a bag for audio recording gear. Sometimes I’ll mix and match content from these bags for a specific adventure. I have already made a list of some of what I consider to be essentials in general. Rather than look at what’s in a bag, I thought that today I’d consider what was in my car. Continue reading “What’s in Your Car?”

Goals 2016

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. They never seem to work out. However, I’ve got things I want to accomplish this year. So, I’ll make a list, and we’ll see if those things happen or not. Heck, New Year’s Day was four days ago, and I’m just now getting around to this post, so any resolution I make is already getting a late start. Continue reading “Goals 2016”