The Artist Statement Generator

Tom with Elements

I’ve had to write several bios lately for projects with which I’m involved. That reminded me of a link a friend posted on Facebook. Gregg Davis, art teacher at Palmetto High School, had posted a link to The page starts with a letter that can be a bit confusing. However, hidden within the letter is a link to one of the best Artist Statement Generators I’ve seen. Continue reading “The Artist Statement Generator”

Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th

Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church-007

The weather lately has been nasty and not conducive to getting out and exploring. Keith Dover had Friday off, and with the possibility of good weather in the forecast, we decided it was time for another photo ramble. We bounced several possibilities around, but eventually settled on the Mount Carmel area in McCormick County. So, on this past Friday the Thirteenth, we collected Ken Cothran from Clemson, then headed south. Continue reading “Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th”

Blog Existentialism

Kissimme Prairie Panorama

I’ve had it happen before. I get so far behind with blog posts that I don’t know how I’ll ever get caught up. Usually this happens when I’ve been traveling and haven’t had Internet access. However, this time it was different. We’ve had two solid weeks of nasty weather, normally a perfect time for hiding in my studio with my computer and getting some writing done. Yet, for some reason I’ve had massive writer’s block. I stare at the mound of data, research, and photos I’ve collected, and don’t write a damn thing. I get distracted by everything else under the sun (or lack thereof, in this case.) Continue reading “Blog Existentialism”

Chasing Fall Leaves – Table Rock to Whitewater Falls to Jump Off Rock

Whitewater Falls with Fall Leaves-006

While out on my fall leaves ramble with Glynda yesterday I got a text message from friend Ken Cothran. He was out on his own color ramble, and sent me a photo of Whitewater Falls in spectacular foliage. So, on Friday I decided I hadn’t found quite enough leaves. I thought I’d see if I could replicate Ken’s photo, and find a few more colors. Continue reading “Chasing Fall Leaves – Table Rock to Whitewater Falls to Jump Off Rock”

Chasing Fall Leaves – Berry Mill to Hendersonville to Caesars Head

Caesers Head Overlook-007

I realize that the previous post was labeled “Part 1” and the OCD part of me hates leaving it hanging without a conclusion. However, I’m going to do just that, since this is timely, and that is not. The autumn colors have been absolutely fantastic this year, and I’ve had several chances to get out and take photos. Here’s a quick rundown of what I found in Upstate SC and Western NC. Continue reading “Chasing Fall Leaves – Berry Mill to Hendersonville to Caesars Head”