Hans and Franz Revisited

I have long lamented the dearth of German restaurants in town. There are three of them – Schwaben Haus, Bavarian Pretzel Factory, and Hans and Franz. Compare that to the number of Asian and Hispanic restaurants of different varieties dotting the culinary landscape. This is even more surprising given that there is such a strong German industrial presence with BMW and others.

I voiced these concerns on the Greenville Subreddit, asking if anyone knew of any other options. The list included the usual suspects, including Gerhard’s in Spartanburg (which I still need to try) and my two favorites – Haus Heidelberg in Hendersonville and Black Forest in Arden. Unfortunately, all three of those are quite a drive. I wouldn’t call them exacty…”Greenville.”

Each of the local places has been disappointing in one aspect or another. Bavarian Pretzel Factory is pricey, and their quality seems to be declining. I think they overextended themselves with the move to Haywood Road. Schwaben Haus has excellent food, but is expensive and doesn’t have some of my favorites – simple wurst and kraut. That would be kind of like going to The Peddler Steakhouse and ordering a hamburger. That leaves Hans and Franz, and my long troubled experience with it. My fellow Redditors insisted that I give it another try, so I did… Continue reading “Hans and Franz Revisited”

Sparkleberry Swamp – the Drink

Speed Limit 20 MPH

I had posted one or two of the photos from my recent trip to Sparkleberry Swamp on on eof the paddling groups to which I belong on Facebook. A commenter suggested that “Sparklberry Swamp” sounded like the name of a drink, so the challenge was on.

The commenter stated that the base should be rum of some kind. It obviously needed some kind of berries, and some sort of carbonation to add the “sparkle.” I put for the question to some of my other Facebook friends to see what they might suggest. Some of these sound more appealing than others… Continue reading “Sparkleberry Swamp – the Drink”