Spring Break in Florida – Part Three, Indrio School

Indrio School B&W

I’ve been coming down here now for over a quarter of a century. Each time we exit I-95 and take Indrio Road over to Old Dixie Road. The speed limit drops drastically on Indrio Road as it passes through the community surrounding Taylor Dairy. Live oaks drape over the road and while enchanted looking, they cause something of a bottleneck on this major route to the Interstate.

There have been some attempts to widen the road, but it would destroy the beautiful trees. Alas, time and disease may do what thwarted plans were not able to do. The trees are dying, and it may be just a matter of time. Continue reading “Spring Break in Florida – Part Three, Indrio School”

Spring Break in Florida – Part Two, Island Hopping

Indian River Paddling

Of course I brought a boat with me. Amy has a boat ramp in her back yard, so I would be foolish not to take advantage of multiple paddling opportunities. That is, as long as the weather cooperates.

And the weather was being a bit persnickety. Sunday the breezes kept me off the water, but Monday morning I headed out. The water was still choppy. The wind was coming from the south, blowing the same direction as the incoming tide. I headed south, planning to paddle against the current and wind early in the trip, then take advantage of it on the way back.

Indian River Paddling-1 Continue reading “Spring Break in Florida – Part Two, Island Hopping”

Spring Break in Florida – Part One, Kissimmee Prairie

Sebastion and Beaches-15

This week is Spring Break for Furman. Spring Break doesn’t have much meaning for me since I’m now retired, but Laura has had a busy term now that she’s chair of Furman’s Chemistry Department. She needed the break, and wanted to check in with her mom, so we headed down to her sister’s house in Florida. Of course, this happened with a car loaded down with camera gear, paddling gear, and my favorite kayak strapped to the roof.

The trip down on Saturday was uneventful. There were lots of other spring breakers headed south, including some from Furman. I think one spotted my FU on the side of my kayak (which stands for Furman University, and not any other perceived meaning) and gave me a thumbs up. It was also bike week in Daytona, so we passed LOTS of bikers. Continue reading “Spring Break in Florida – Part One, Kissimmee Prairie”

The Bells of Europe

Cathedral Bell

Many years ago my brother Houston told me about a radio documentary entitled “The Bells of Europe,” which came out in 1973. Houston liked it so much that he ordered a cassette tape of the show, which I listened to, as well. It was an excellent show that documented the history of the bells of the cathedrals of Europe, from their creation to the destruction of many to build cannons for war.

The drama was the creation of Peter Leonhard Braun, a German radio pioneer. Braun’s intent was take radio outside of the studio. With audio recording equipment improving and becoming more portable, Braun wanted to explore the possibilities of creating audio documentaries on-site, and the Bells of Europe was the first of these documentaries.

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