Blood Moon

I had grand plans for this morning’s “Blood Moon” eclipse. I had a place all staked out with clear views for moonset and sunrise. I was going to set up a time-lapse with my GoPro, and possibly even one with my D7000. I had my D50 ready with the 500mm lens – I was all … Continue reading Blood Moon

Old Homes Tour of Laurens

Kudzu TV

A couple of weeks ago Mary Ellen Lives from the Laurens County Museum contacted me about several old houses in Laurens that were scheduled for demolition. This list also included the Old Laurens Hospital, and Mary Ellen wanted to know if I was interested in photographing any of these before they were torn down. Of course, I said yes. We set up a time and made a plan for our visit.

In the meantime, I think I had finally sorted out my GPS POI problem. I was finally able to upload my list of possible schools as waypoints. Since we were meeting at the Museum at 2:00, I could head out earlier and see if, in fact, my points were working. Continue reading “Old Homes Tour of Laurens”

Oolenoy Schools Follow-Up

Abandoned House

This past Saturday was Fall for Furman, a weekend for perspective students to check out the school. There was an evening home game, but Laura had duties early in the afternoon, meeting these high school seniors and their parents. I dropped her off, then headed out to follow up on a couple of items from last week.

When I visited Oolenoy School, one of the men I met mentioned that Rock School was nearby, and was in use as a private residence. I decided to find it. Plus, it was a good excuse to ride in the convertible on such a fine, fine day.

I drove up to Marietta and took 288 west. I reached Pumpkintown and continued west on 288. Since I was in Laura’s car I didn’t have my GPS. I made one wrong turn, but spotted a cool old house at the intersection of Carrick Creek Road and 288 that I’d not seen before. Continue reading “Oolenoy Schools Follow-Up”

October Weekday Rambles – Part Two

Whitmire Bras-002

So far on my rambles I had visited a few locations in Greenville County, and the next day had ventured to the community of Cross Anchor. I still had lots of daylight left, and lots more to see and do.

Leaving the Cross Anchor/Cross Keys area I continued on Highway 49 toward Union. It had been a VERY long time since I had approached the town from this direction. Just before reaching town on Fairforest Creek there is an incredible mansion. I vaguely remembered seeing the house off in the distance when I was younger, and wondering what it was like. I tried to get a better view this time, but I only got a glimpse – no photos. Continue reading “October Weekday Rambles – Part Two”

October Weekday Rambles – Part One

Little Texas Grocery
Little Texas Grocery near Travelers Rest

I was able to get out for a couple of photographic rambles this week. I saw some cool things, and took some interesting photos. Apart from what I’ve already written about those trips, for whatever reason I haven’t felt inspired to blog about those trips. I don’t want to neglect them, though, so I’ll just do a brief summary.

(UPDATE: OK, I got carried away and found I had seen more than would fit into a single blog post. I’m breaking it into multiple parts.)

On Tuesday I headed east. I got a little ways down I-85, roughly on my way to the Clifton area, when my plans changed. I wound up joining my sister, Susan, for lunch. In route to her house I passed by the District Five offices. It was the first time I’d been by there since my retirement, and it felt…weird. I noticed lots of cars in the parking lot, and remembered that Tuesdays were principal meeting days. I kept going. Continue reading “October Weekday Rambles – Part One”

Mystery Cemetery

O'Neal Cemetery

I was out and about on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon trying to hunt down the perfect photo. I also had a box or so of old electronic gear in the back of my Subaru. I figured in my ramblings I’d probably pass one of the county’s many “convenience centers,” and would be able to recycle it.

My rambles took me to the community of O’Neal, north of Lake Cunningham on Highway 101. Just off of O’Neal Road, I saw a sign for a convenience center on Camp Road, just around the corner. As I pulled into the center I spotted a chain link fence and a row of strange headstones.

O'Neal Cemetery

The way these were lined up, and since they were right at a disposal center, I wondered if it might be a K9 cemetery. I dropped off my electronics and drove back around. Continue reading “Mystery Cemetery”