The Not-So-Free Web

I was wondering when this would happen. Many of the “free” online applications that we’ve come to take for granted are now coming with strings attached. I guess they have to make money some way, but this week two tales of monetization have really taken the Web 2.0 world by storm. Here’s the scoop… First, … Continue reading The Not-So-Free Web

Texture with a Focal Point

Pumpkin Island with Texture

The problem with traveling during a week of fog and rain is that all of your shots start to look the same. The only way to remedy this is with a bit of post-processing. Adding a texture layer can be a quick way to add interest, but it can be overdone, and it can obscure the main focal point of your photo. Here’s a quick tutorial on adding a radial mask to your texture layer to preserve your focal point. Continue reading “Texture with a Focal Point”

Fourth in Florida

We had just spent last weekend in Maine, so why not head to another corner of the US for this weekend? That’s what we decided to do. I had a four-day weekend for the July4th holiday, so we loaded up the car and headed out after work Thursday even to visit Laura’s sister, Amy, in … Continue reading Fourth in Florida

Friday Freaks – Jerry Springer

It was pure serendipity. We were making the long drive from Greenville to Laura’s sister’s house in Florida, and I had downloaded several podcasts from NPR’s This American Life to listen to along the way.  At random I selected the episode “Leaving the Fold”, and was treated to a story that has many parallels with the story of Gov. Mark Sanford’s fall from grace.

The first part of the episode tells the story of Jerry Springer.   If people think of him at all, they know him as the host off the off-beat TV talk show where idiots yell at each other about ridiculous things.  The truth is, he was a very promising politician in the Democratic party in the late 1960’s, working with Robert Kennedy’s campaign.  It looked like he had a bright political career of his own ahead of him.  That was all brought to a crashing halt by an indiscretion similar to Sanford’s. Continue reading “Friday Freaks – Jerry Springer”