Super Simple Time Lapse

When we were in the Bahamas I tried my hand at some time-lapse video using my little Nikon S50 camera in movie mode. The results were pretty good, but I found myself battling the twin hurdles of battery life and patience (as well as lack of a tripod.) The result was a shorter-than-desired video clip that went by far too quickly.

Then a couple of weeks ago I read a good blog post on the Digital Urban blog with simple instructions on doing time-lapse photography with a webcam. While Digital Urban’s instructions look great, and I want to try those out, it occurred to me that there might be an even easier way to accomplish this – use someone else’s webcam! Here’s one that I created very quickly using some simple software and the webcam for Table Rock State Park…

All you need for this project is a computer (duh) that no one will need to use for a few hours, a good steady Internet connection, a website with an embedded webcam image, and the BSR Screen Recorder. Other screen recorder programs will probably work, but I like the BSR program because it’s very easy to set the record rate, and that is the lynch pin in this method. Continue reading “Super Simple Time Lapse”

Mayfield Road Bridge Update

Well, it looks like my exuberance was premature. I was able to find some additional information on the Internet which lists this bridge as being of fairly modern construction.

Dale. J. Travis operates a website devoted to round barns and covered bridges, both fascinating structures. He has a comprehensive listing from across the US, not just of historic structures but of modern construction as well. Travis lists thirteen bridges for South Carolina, including Campbell’s and this one on Mayfield Road. Most of these are decorative, and are found on golf courses and gardens.

According to Travis’ information, the Mayfield Bridge was built in 1991 and is about 25 feet in length. I’m guessing that it hasn’t been kept up since that time, so the tin roof has rusted, making it look older than it is.

Which brings me to the statement the man on the side of the road gave me. The only thing I can think is that he was referring to the actual roadway bridge. Who knows? Then again, maybe Mr. Travis has incorrect information. However, with every reputable reference saying that Campbell’s is “the last”, it’s hard to refute the evidence that this isn’t an authentic structure. Continue reading “Mayfield Road Bridge Update”

The Bridges of Spartanburg County

According to South Carolina: A Day at a Time, Campbell’s Covered Bridge is “the only covered bridge still standing in South Carolina.” My friend Duckhunter pointed me toward which says that Campbell’s “is South Carolina’s only remaining covered bridge.” Several other websites repeat this sentiment. So, imagine my surprise when I found this just … Continue reading The Bridges of Spartanburg County

Concrete Heaven

Ware Place Statuary

NOTE: Lately I’ve gotten several questions asking about pricing, inventory, and contact information for this business. I Am NOT THE OWNER, NOR DO I HAVE ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THIS BUSINESS! I just wrote about my visit there.

Seriously, some of you need to learn how search engines work. If a link appears at the top of the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s that business, or the link you want.

Now on to the original post…

If it can be cast in concrete, chances are Estelle King sells it. If you’ve ever been through Ware Place, South Carolina, you’ve seen Estelle’s place at the intersection of Highways 25, 418, and 8. The over-sized concrete roosters and horses and lighthouses are hard to miss. The spry 84 year old has operated her lawn ornament shop for over thirty years now, and shows no sign of stopping.

We had driven down Augusta Road to Estelle’s place to find a couple of small concrete cats to memorialize our recently departed felines.  When we arrive, Estelle was helping an elderly (probably younger than she is) woman load a large concrete birdbath into the woman’s trunk. Continue reading “Concrete Heaven”

Remembering Rascal

Tuesday evening Rascal curled up as usual on our bed, lying on his back and purring while I rubbed his tummy. At 3:30 am he wanted out, despite the fact that it was raining. It was the last time we would see him. Rascal was missing for two days, by the end of which we … Continue reading Remembering Rascal