Geohashing – A Game Based on a Comic


The XKCD comic seen above came out around Christmas of 2006, and formed the basis for a new GPS activity – not necessarily going to a random location and making out, but using random numbers to generate latitude and longitude coordinates.  The process of generating the random coordinates is called Geohashing.  These coordinates serve as a basis for adventure, not unlike throwing a dart on a map and then trying to reach that location.  It’s a lot like Geocaching, but you don’t have to find a little container, and the coordinates change. Continue reading “Geohashing – A Game Based on a Comic”

The Incomparable Weirdness of Twitter


As if there were any doubt, my true nerd nature is about to come through.  Some of my admissions in this post will be embarrassing, but it gets my point across about Twitter.

I freely admit that I am a Trekkie.  I can usually name most of The Original Series episode titles having seen just a few seconds of one.  I am not, however, a “Trekker”.  I don’t have a Star Fleet uniform in my closet (although I did have a model phaser when I was a teenager), nor to I dress up like a Klingon and attend conventions.

So what does this have to do with Twitter?  I’ll get to that in a moment.  I signed up for Twitter as a matter of convenience.  It was a simple way of updating my blog and Facebook from one location.  I didn’t really have any intention of “following” anyone on Twitter, but soon I got tired of looking at my own updates.  I added a few friends and locals that I knew from other social networking sites. Continue reading “The Incomparable Weirdness of Twitter”

Goodbye to the Bahamas and Trip Reflections

I watched one last Bahamian sunrise, this time without a camera in sight.  We had packed, and we were ready to head home.  We had a good, large breakfast at the hotel, then went to meet our transport to the airport.

The trip home was uneventful, which was a good thing.  By this time I had caught the cold that had plagued Laura for the entire trip, so we were both coughing up a storm (much to the annoyance of our fellow travelers.)  There were no delays, and we arrived safely in Greenville at the appointed time.

Our luggage, however, was a different story.  There was nothing awaiting us in Greenville.  We were just glad it happened at the end of the trip rather than the beginning.  The airline was able to locate it, and about 11:00 PM it was delivered to our house.  Apparently my luggage tag had snagged in a conveyor belt and had caused damage to the bag and the delay.  The contents were OK. Continue reading “Goodbye to the Bahamas and Trip Reflections”

Kayaking and Caves in Lucayan National Park

For our last full day in the Bahamas I had booked a kayaking tour and trip to the Lucayan National Park. Laura had been fighting a bad cough all week and didn’t feel like going, so I was on my own. After watching another stunning Bahamian sunrise, I began gathering my gear and headed down to meet the group.

I was the only one from our resort going on the tour, but there were nine others that had already been picked up, and we stopped for four more on the way out. Along with our guide, we had a party of fifteen. Continue reading “Kayaking and Caves in Lucayan National Park”

Island Time

Sunrise Sailing

Things are more relaxed. Nothing is rushed. Everyone has a good time and things get done when they get done. That’s Island Time.

Even so, I was up at the crack of dawn, literally. Even on Island Time some habits are hard to break. However, I did have a purpose. I wanted to try some time-lapse videography with my little Nikon S50. The only problem was that I didn’t have a good tripod with me. My solution was to drag the floor lamp out onto the balcony and strap my little mini-pod to it with a Velcro strap. It looked weird… Continue reading “Island Time”

A Geeky New President

There were ample opportunities for someone like me to really get their Geek on while watching the inauguration.  First there was the Hive Mind experience of sharing the inauguration in real time with friends (and strangers) separated by thousands of miles on Twitter and Facebook.  Then there was the ability to get multiple perspectives from … Continue reading A Geeky New President

Bahamas – Day 3

As previously noted, most of the day was spent watching inauguration festivities. However, we did get out an do other things. I woke up early to watch the sunrise. As I was standing out on the balcony with my camera I looked out over the other balconies to see others out with their cameras. The … Continue reading Bahamas – Day 3

Lazy Day at Lucaya

What did we do today? Not much. And that was just perfect. After a nice breakfast we headed across the street to the Port Lucaya Market. This shopping area has a split personality. The middle section has restaurants and high-end shops with duty-free jewelry, etc. On either side of the shopping area is the straw … Continue reading Lazy Day at Lucaya