The Dark Knight

Brutal That’s about the only way to describe it. I went to see The Dark Knight by myself Friday afternoon, since I knew Laura wouldn’t want to see it. I thought that Batman Begins was very well done but haunting. However, The Dark Knight was unrelenting in its psychopathic take on crime in Gotham City. … Continue reading The Dark Knight

A Night at the Drive

One of the annual events with the Furman Summer Research group is a trek to Fluor Field at the Westend for a Greenville Drive baseball game. Thursday night we made the trek to see a game between them and Lake County Captains from Eastlake, Ohio. The game went back and forth, with the score staying … Continue reading A Night at the Drive


There’s not much to do in St. George at 7:30 on a Friday Night. Being one of the largest towns in Dorchester County doesn’t really help. After finding a place to stay, I went in search of food. My choices seemed to be either fast food, Italian, or Grady’s Country Cafe. Then there was Skynyrd’s. … Continue reading Skynyrd’s


I think we should meet In Real Life… It’s one of the first things that we teach kids about Internet safety. If you’re chatting with someone online, you should never give out your personal information, and you should never, never agree to meet a stranger. Things aren’t what they seem – that person pretending to … Continue reading IRL

Sansa vs Apple

Lori Arledge, one of our school technology coordinators, is teaching a graduate course for us this summer for our district teachers. The course includes podcasting, and she was demonstrating one of the Sansa Clip MP3 players she had purchased for our school. She graciously allowed me to take one home for the weekend to give … Continue reading Sansa vs Apple


I’ve resisted for a long time, but I’ve finally done it. I now have a Facebook page. I came across my nephew Chip’s Facebook profile while looking at his blog, and through it had discovered that most of my nieces and nephews as well as two of my sisters were on there. The clencher was … Continue reading Facebook