Wild Roses

I’m not a botanist. I know nothing about horticulture. I even flunked a test on leaf identification in high school biology. Apart from pruning, spreading mulch, and heavy lifting, I tend to leave the gardening to Laura. However, we both made a discovery this past week. Shortly after we moved to this house I was … Continue reading Wild Roses

Precis de Vie

How does one summarize twenty years of life in two paragraphs? It’s an interesting exercise. I guess for some its easier than others, especially if your life has been relatively stable – staying in pretty much the same career and location for that amount of time. For others, a couple of paragraphs would hardly suffice. … Continue reading Precis de Vie

Adventures in Audi-Land

I want a car where we’re not on a first-name basis with the service people. Thus said Laura as we drove to pick up her Audi, which had been in the shop for the past week. Both of our cars are plagued with problems. Both are Volkswagen products. We have owned Subaru’s in the past, … Continue reading Adventures in Audi-Land